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Molly KlippProfessional Speaker

With Molly Klipp's 26 years of experience in the beauty and training industry, she customizes each presentation, program and event to meet the needs of her audiences. She is known for her high energy, interactive and entertaining style.

Molly's fun and energetic speaking inspires everyone around her to live their life on purpose. She knows that by living "on purpose" many more lives will be affected and made better by those she touches.

Clients' favorite topics include:

Remake your Image from the Outside to the Inside
How You Look Does Build Self Confidence and Self Esteem
Looking and feeling your best for every occasion will show others that you are serious about the way you present yourself with style. Whether it's in business or casual situations, first impressions DO make a difference. Increase your income because you are saying to the world that you care about putting your best foot forward!

An Understanding of the 10 A's
Molly's company, Your Image, Your Life, focuses on how you present yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This is accomplished through an understanding of the 10 A's: Appearance, Attitude, Affection, Attention, Awareness, Ability, Attraction, Accomplishment, Awe and Action. Incorporating those 10 A's into your life will put you in the position to Be Who You Were Meant to Be! Discover how these 10 A's can put a spring in your step, and give you a more confident, positive and self-assured attitude during the transitions in your life.

Makeup Techniques Tips and Tools for the New You!
10 easy steps you can do in 10 minutes every day! For the everyday woman who wants to bring out her inner beauty through enhancing her outer beauty. Learn the steps to create an enhanced new you using makeup that makes you feel beautiful, without looking "fake" or "overdone." You'll receive comments like, "Wow, you look great today!" Learn how to use makeup and tools to give you the "wow factor."

See Molly's new book, Image Power—Top Experts Share What to Know to Look Your Best
"No matter our age, most of us are either trying to look older or younger, hip or classy, natural or glamorous. The fun thing is that depending on the situation, you can be any of these things." (Excerpt from Molly's book, Image Power) Click here for more information

Molly loves to share what she knows and loves to help others learn through enthusiasm, participation and fun.

For Molly it's all about "Your Image, Your Life."

What people are saying about Molly:

Thank you for believing in me! I hope you know you have a unique gift. You are motivational to the degree that when you tell people "they can do it" —they feel like they can walk on the moon! Thank you for that!! ~Brooke Wallace

Molly! Your grace, enthusiasm - WOW! You are energizing and dynamic. I started getting this buzz of energy just by watching you and how you were with everyone. By the time I left I had so much energy...That is your gift. Well, one of many! I know you will be yet another success as a Motivational Speaker/Coach/Mentor extraordinaire!

...Extraordinaire! Blessings to you Molly, Wow again! ~David Zarza, C.Ht, Directed Focus Hypnotherapy

When Molly Klipp speaks, people listen. Not only does she have the ability to command a room, she backs it up with content.  With a flash of inspiration, she wraps it up with wit and relevancy.  I'm always eager to be a part of anything Molly does.  She is bright and successful.  I believe there is still much more to come from Molly Klipp! ~Janet Spangler, Image Consultant, .

"Molly Klipp's "no nonsense" approach,  combined with her great wit and humor and extensive knowledge of direct sales, make her a slam dunk speaker for any sales organization!  Molly combines practical "how to's" with the motivating  "why's" of the business!  She entertains AND educates...a powerful combination!" ~Dana Davin,  President, Aloette of Arkansas

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Phone: 425-280-9088
Street and Address: 17126 18th Pl. W., Lynnwood, WA 98037

Image Power

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Image Power -
Top Image Experts Share What To Know To Look Your Best

Topics: Don’t get Down, Get Diva! ■ Find Your Unique Personal Style ■ Embrace Your Body Shape to Enhance Your Image ■ Master the Power of Color ■ Foundation Pieces: The Secret Behind Every Beautiful Curve ■ Creating a Winning Wardrobe ■ Get Out of Your Closet in Seven Minutes Looking Great! ■ Shop Like a Pro and Look Like a Million Bucks! ■ Are You Having a Fit about Fit? ■ Accessories: The Frosting of Fashion ■ Look as Good As You See ■ Makeup Techniques, Tips and Tools by Molly Klipp ■ Communicate with Class: Tips for the 21st Century ■ Etiquette is Not Dead ■ Unleash Your Career with Business Casual Style ■ Short and Chic ■ Look Great During and After Weight Loss ■ Camouflage for the Curvaceous! ■ Above-Average Style for Full-Figured Women ■ Fifty is the New Forty


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